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We are the internet's leading provider of consumer IQ tests and brain quizzes. If you're visiting us because you have noticed a charge on your credit card statement, you most likely signed up to one of our services. You can easily lookup a purchase by going to the box below or contacting our customer support.

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Common Questions

What is ATHPAY

ATHPAY is the merchant descriptor for iq-score.org and brainable.com

Why am I seeing a charge from "ATHPAY" on my credit card statement?

If you signed up for one of the websites listed above you will see a charge from "ATHPAY".

How do I get a refund?

Please contact our customer support by filling the form above and we'll do our best to help you with your refund requests. You can also contact us at [email protected]

How can I cancel my subscription?

Please contact our customer support by filling the form above to cancel your subscription. You can also contact us at [email protected]

What are your Customer Care Team's hours of operation?

Our online Customer Care Team is available Monday through Sunday, from 7 am to Midnight Eastern Standard Time. We do our best to resolve any issues within 24 hours